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AirMyPrayer Voice Automated Live Audio & Video Transmitter

Clear audio across the world

If you have an internet connection then broadcasting over the internet is the only solution to ensure you reach out to all your congregation.


As long as you have an internet connection then internet audio is for you. 

By attached a small device to your existing mixer/audio system you can have internet audio transmitted world wide very easily and quickly

We can now post the device to you for self installation, you can work with your audio engineer to get the device installed or in most cases you should be able to do this yourself. The result is clear audio stream from your masjid to your listeners anywhere.

Pricing & more details

Automatic engagement

Should you choose the prayer timetable option then we will integrate the audio with your timetable which will display your listener count and broadcast status.
The stream will only engage when sound is detected in the microphone so your listeners will know when a broadcast as started.
If your a masjid then the stream will automatically be available under the amyp devices.


Internet is suitable for all establishments mosques, churches, synagogues, temples and the like.  In fact we can install this anywhere!  Please get in touch for more information

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