AirMasjid Installation Instructions

Congratulations on purchasing the AirMasjid automated home broadcasting system The device runs on you existing broadband internet connection by either using:

  1. Cabled connection to your router (if close to the TV)

  2. Connection using Wi-Fi

There are 2 types of devices one with the LCD screen and other without. 

Connection to TV (optional)

You can connect the device to your preferred television using the supplied HDMi cable.  Although not necessary this is the recommended method as it presents you with a dashboard showing live prayer times, live video broadcast and regular text updates from your chosen establishment

Connection using direct cable

Connect the AirMasjid to your router like the below diagram. Connecting the supplied cable (red or alternative colour) to your modem/router. Attach the HDMi cable to the device and the other side into a free HDMi port on your TV.  Connect the power supply.

Check lights are showing

That’s it your done! You should see the selected establishment dashboard screen appear in 2-3 mins

manage you device from

Connection using Wi-Fi (LCD screen)

After powering on the device if no internet is found it will enter Wi-Fi mode.  Simply enter your Wi-Fi name and password to connect the device to the internet.  The "connected" icon should turn green indicating a successful connection

Connection using Wi-Fi (no LCD screen)

  1. Connect power  to device

  2. Using your phone you should see the AirMasjid wifi access point called “AirMasjid xxxx” where “xxxx” is a unique 4 digit number.

  3. Connect to this using password airmasjid123*

  4. Once connected turn OFF your 4G connection (mobile data)

  5. Now click here (can take a while to load)

if successful you should see the AirMasjid Menu page with buttons to configure your Wi-Fi or to change the settings such as “audio only” or select different establishments.

The “Help Me Button” can be used to ask for help if your having issues with your device. Please leave a description of the problem and a contact email/number. You AirMasjid must be configured with an internet connection for this to work

Managing device once connected


Once your device is connected to the internet it can be controlled using the below link.  You can bookmark it to your phone's home screen

Demo how to setup Wi-Fi on your device


After plugging in and powering on your device use the below video to setup Wi-Fi

(we always recommend a cabled connection when possible)

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