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AirMyPrayer Salah/Prayer Timetable

Unified Timings


With millions now using mobile smart phones to access content, houses of worship have lagged behind this ever growing trend. Prayer times are often displayed on mosque websites in very simple formats with no information on Jamaat timings. This often leads to worshippers telephoning to find the correct information. Having experienced this problem first hand myself I decided to come up with an affordable innovative solution which can give mosques an automated fully online and integrated system.

new timetable from old.PNG


Shown here are the standard times offered by our timetable.  These will be show on an LCD screen, of your choice, and displayed inside your masjid

Example of prayer times list.PNG


The system is fully automated which means that you NEVER have to enter the prayer times they will change automatically each day using the times from your timetable. All you have to do is change the Jamaat times.
The Imam or a trusted representative will be able to change the Jamaat times using their smart phone (or an optional separate touchscreen display), which will update your times. All attendees who have access to your custom prayer time page will be able to see the new updated Jamaat times eliminating the need for enquires on prayer timings.

Inside and Outside Timetable.PNG

AirMyPrayer Salah/Prayer Timetable

Exceeding Your Expectations


Aside from the daily prayer times, the Timetable also includes:
• Islamic Date
• Gregorian Data and Time
• Internet Radio Integration (optional)
• Display online Listeners
• Activity Status bar (if mosque speakers are “on” turns red)

timetable features.PNG


The following is needed for the timetable to be incorporated into your Masjid:

• A Reliable Internet Connection

• A LCD Monitor any size you choose (supplied by you) or a smaller  touchscreen monitor

• Ethernet connection to the Monitor can work over Wifi if router is within range)

mobile times on phone.PNG


The system first was launched in the Aylesbury Masjid ( and has been functioning for the last 4 years and receives over 10,000 hits a month with worshippers checking prayer times daily.
For a small town like Aylesbury the use has been phenomenal as more as more people prefer to access their local prayer times, which they see as reliable and authentic.
Unfortunately, many Masajid in the UK are just not well equipped to meet the demands of their congregation.With this low cost and affordable system, this can now be possible for your masjid
For enquires and further information please contact by phone or email

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