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AirMyPrayer Services

AirMyPrayer currently offers the below services for your establishment

  • Home Audio and Video broadcasting (AirMasjid)

  • Prayertimetable

  • Internet Audio

Please check out the below links for more information on each product

Home Broadcasting

18 Aug 2018.png

The AirMasjid is a home broadcasting solution for your home.  Designed to address the limitations of the traditional analogue azan radios the AirMasjid works by using your home broadband connection to give clear audio and live stream footage of your selected Masjid.  It also shows live prayer times and text broadcasting.  Get in Touch for a demonstration and further infromation

Salah/Prayer Timetable

Live in Local.JPG

Interactive cost effective Salah Timetable that can be integrated into your existing website or if you don't have a website we can provide a http link for your congregation with all your times.  The Prayer timetable integrates with your audio system thereby acting as a status indicator for your audio/video broadcasts.

Internet Audio

Close-up Image of Microphone

We can install and configure a live internet based audio stream for your establishment to for your congregation.  This can be integrated into your existing website or we can provide links to the audio

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