Home broadcasting The AirMasjid


Do you want to have a stronger connection with your local masjid?
Would you like to be kept up to date with all events and announcements?
The AirMasjid is a device which broadcasts live events from your local
masjid right into your home through your TV.  Never miss an important event or broadcast again with this fully and revolutionary portal system. All you need is an internet connection and TV (for video) to stay up to date through the power of video and audio. By using the AirMasjid, insha’allah, local communities will be strengthened and have a constant reminder about the importance of the masjid in the spiritual development of the community

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A new broadcasting system for your masjid

For over ten years, UK homes have been using the traditional analogue based radio system to listen to any events broadcast by their local masjid. This system has been an effective method to broadcast into your home, however there have been few developments to this technology. With most homes now having an internet connection, the time has come to offer much more.

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How does it work?

The AirMasjid is a small device that operates through your home broadband network. You simply connect it to your television, switch it on and you’re ready to go!
Your home TV then becomes a  dashboard and portal into your local masjid. The AirMasjid runs on a separate HDMI source from your other channels like Sky. You can simply switch to the AirMasjid by using your remote control or mobile phone to change the source. Alternatively, you can wait for the Azan, and your TV (if compatible) will switch over by itself.

You can also choose not to connect to your TV in which case only audio broadcasts will be served

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Home broadcasting The AirMasjid

Exceeding Your Expectations


The new LCD devices are easier to configure than the previous versions and features the below:


  • Prayer times for your chosen establishment displayed on front panel with volume control

  • Status Indicator

  • Wi-Fi or ethernet cable

  • USB speaker

  • Options for Tahajjud Azan (great for Ramadhan)

  • Connect bluetooth speaker via inbuilt bluetooth support

  • Aux connection

  • Push Text Alerts from your chosen establishment straight to your device


  • TV Connection is optional

  • Display live camera on device​

  • Send audio to TV​


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Community benefit

With the launch of AirMasjid, households have become increasingly more attentive with sermons and events, along with masajid reengaging with their local community especially women and children. As part of a project under the AirMyPrayer initiative called "Minarets of Sound", we aim to bring audio from all masajid in the UK under the AirMasjid. As soon as a masjid is available to listen to it will appear straight on the AirMasjid. Users will then be able to tune into any ‘channel’ they choose for broadcasts.

Relevant content

The AirMasjid alleviates confusing and irrelevant content by providing only content that is vetted and sanctioned by your Imam or religious author

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A new way to broadcast

Feature list

  • Up to date live prayer timetable

  • Live camera feeds  – watch the Jummah Sermon & other events!

  • Live event status bar (turns red when there is a live event)

  • Device is always ‘on’ so you can still watch your normal TV while it runs in the background

  • Live Twitter Feed for announcements

  • YouTube integration 

  • Gregorian date and time

  • Ahadith section

  • Realtime listener count

  • Crystal clear sound no matter where you live

  • Control via mobile phone

  • AirMasjid is multipurpose so it can be used for other houses of worship besides mosques


For home installations, you will need

  • Broadband connection

  • Television with spare HDMi port (for video) or can use standalone for audio only

The Masjid will need:​

  • Broadband internet connection

  • IP camera(s) if video broadcasting inside the masjid is required


The AirMasjid project was started 2 years ago and has steadily matured and grown in features.  The product is continually improving and we endeavour to bring more features soon