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Automated Home Broadcasting Solutions for Houses of Worship


AirMyPrayer is a non-profit automated audio and video broadcasting solution for religious or like establishments to live stream to their followers around the UK or the World!
Currently to facilitate such broadcasts mosques have used UHF/VHF radio frequencies to transmit audio over a limited range from the source to homes.
Due to the limitations with the above technology we can provide audio and/or video from your establishment straight to the homes of your congregation using the Amazon Alexa.  If you have a camera connection you can view the live feed on your establishments webpage under "Mosques and Prayer Timings"

We also provide Prayer Time tables that can be linked to your audio system and also a standalone Internet Audio system that can be tuned into from a smart phone and or linked to your website.

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Masjid Prayer timetable Portrait.jpg
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Questions about the services we provide? Feel free to reach out today.

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Please contact us for any issues with our services - we are always committed to providing professional and dedicated help

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