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This is a physical device designed to be self installed that enables your mosque/establishment to transmit audio (or video) over the internet listeners/watchers via our website or via the automated home airmyprayer devices (


The device will need to be connected to your broadband via a RJ45 cable, it does have Wi-Fi capability but is not recommended unless your router is nearby.


  • You will need to connect this to the output control of your audio mixer this is normally a 1/4 Jack and is marked as either "phono/headphone or monitor."  If you are unsure please speak with your audio installation engineer or if you can supply the make/model of your mixer I might be able to help


  • Monthly cost £10/month for infrastructure & audio only support once everything is setup


  • Please supply the full name and address of your establishment on purchase


  • includes full setup, testing and access link from our website


  • Buy with confidence full refund available within 14 days of purchase and/or if we cannot get it all working!

Internet audio transmitter

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